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eGHL Payment Gateway Starter Package

Accept online Credit Card (Visa/ MasterCard)

Price   RM 399.00  

eGHL Payment Gateway Starter Package

Accept online Credit Card (Visa/ MasterCard)

PriceRM 399.00 

Yearly RM399.00
  1. 2.8% Merchant Discount Rate For Credit Card
  2. Accept online Credit Card (Visa/ MasterCard)
  3. Accept online Bank Transfer (FPX from major bank)
  4. Support Maybank2u, CIMB Clicks, Hong Leong Connect, RHB Now, Bank Islam Online, PBeBank, Affin Online
  5. 2.8% or MYR0.70 for FPX
  6. 2.8% or MYR0.70 for M2U,RHBnow & affinOnline
  7. 2.8% or MYR0.95 for CIMB Clicks
  8. CC application fee waived
  9. For merchant with yearly processing volume lower than(& equal to) MYR 60,000

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Commercial Fees

 Starter packageSmall business package 
Setup Fee

 MYR 399

MYR 599

Annual Fee(Payable from 2nd service year & onwards)

 MYR 399

NA (MYR599 if aggregated yearly volume lower than MYR60,000)

 CC Application Fee(Payable to acquiring bank)

 MYR 954(Waived)

 MYR 954(Waived)

Transaction Fee  
 a. CC(Visa & MC)



 b. Online Banking  
   - M2U,RHBnow & affinOnline

 2.8% or MYR0.70,whichever is higher

 2.5% or MYR0.70,whichever is higher

   - CIMB Clicks

 2.8% or MYR0.95,whichever is higher

 2.5% or MYR0.95,whichever is higher


 2.8% or MYR0.70,whichever is higher

 2.5% or MYR0.70,whichever is higher

 Refund Fee(Applicable for non-card Trx only)

 MYR 0.50 / Refund

 ChargeBack Fee

 MYR 3.00 / CB

Additional Processing Currency(Visa & MC, on top of MYR processing)

 1st Currency - MYR 200

 2nd Currency & onwards - MYR 100/currency

 Remarks For merchant with yearly processing volume lower than(& equal to) MYR 60,000 For merchant with yearly processing volume greater than MYR 60,000

- No other hidden fees. All fees subject to GST

- Existing merchant may upgrade to the small business package by paying a one-time setup fee of MYR200
- Merchants that have already signed-up for the “starter package” can at any time upgrade to the “waived annual fee, higher volume processing, small business package” by paying the difference in the set-up fee of MYR200 

Other Commercial Terms

Merchant's Country Commercial Terms
Settlement Period Weekly (Mon-Sun settled on following Tue)
Settlement Currency In Ringgit Malaysia (MYR) only
Philippines Available Upon Request
Thailand Available Upon Request

G-Direct for SMEs

G-Direct is a PCI-DSS compliant Internet payment solution designed for enabling small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) to accept payments from online shoppers anytime, anywhere. With G-Direct, your online store can accept credit cards, real-time bank transfers (or direct debit) and e-money while enjoying value added services provided by eGHL including payment reconciliation and settlement, fraud prevention system, fraud monitoring and real-time reporting.

If your total annual e-commerce transactions is less than US$100,000 a year, G-Direct is the best Internet payment solution tailored for your business needs. If your annual transaction volume exceeds US$100,000, we have Bank-Direct Internet payment solution caters for merchants to process e-commerce transactions in large extent.

Real-Time Reporting

eGHL Merchants will be given access to eGHL Merchant Administration portal for real-time reporting, including transaction reports, chargeback report, settlement history, etc.

Mobile Shopping Friendly

eGHL hosted payment page has been optimized for mobile shopping experience. The payment page will be automatically adjusted based on online shoppers’ device screen for easy browsing in mobile devices.

Fraud Prevention

Combating frauds is the top priority in eGHL. eGHL has a proprietary fraud prevention system built to help Merchants to avoid online fraudulent transactions. Fraud Filtering, Velocity Check, Blacklist Database, Fraud Screening, Cross Merchant Analysis and 3D-Secure (Verified by Visa, MasterCard SecureCode) are some of the key features in eGHL Fraud Prevention System.

In addition, eGHL also has a dedicated risk team to monitor Merchants’ transactions and will alert Merchants when a potential fraud discovered.