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PriceRM 4499.00 

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MyBizPOS is a web-based Point-of-Sales (POS) system that caters to both small to mid-sized retailers including retail chains. It was specifically developed for retailers who need a more systematic & seamless way to manage their business via a hassle-free total solution.

Why Your Business Needs MyBizPos

1. Collect Valuable Data    Easily identify best selling or fast moving products.
2. Repeat Sales    Get more repeat sales by giving out discount coupons.
3. Effective Monitoring    Easily monitor and track outlets operations from anywhere.
4. Inventory Control    Stock management made easy with single mouse-clicks.
5. Reporting    Extremely useful reports for Management team to make informed planning & other decisions.
6. Web-based system    Accessible by authorized staff anywhere with internet connection.
7. Secure system     Secure access to ensure only authorized personnel get access to the system.
8. Real Time Data    Get up-to-the-minute sales and inventory data from the system anytime.
9. Hassle-Free Deployment    Business owners can expect to get the system up and running quickly.
10. User-Friendly    Ease of use with very minimal learning curve.
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Quick Overview of Admin Panel and Cashier Interface

MyBizPos Administrator Panel's Highlights

1. Central storage of supplier’s database in a safe and secure environment
2. Issuing of Purchase orders
3. Receiving of goods partially (i.e multiple times) under one purchase order
4. Supports goods received without a purchase order
5. Stock lists are displayed by individual outlets and also total stock inventory for entire company (for multi outlet version only)
6. Flexibility to set credit limit for each customer

Cashier Interface's Highlights

1. Issuing Cash Sales for physical stock products and such products will be tracked
2. Issuing Cash Sales for non-stock products, for example, for service charges etc
3. Supports multi payment modes such as credit card and cash
4. System is capable of holding in suspense incomplete or pending bills so that cashier can proceed to issue other bills. Any pending or incomplete bill can be retrieved and completed later without any interruption.
5. Issue Invoices for Credit Sales
6. Track Credit Sales and issue Statement of Accounts
7. Set credit limit for each customer
8. Accurately control credit by credit limit or due dates of invoices
9. Issuing of Credit Notes (CN) for Goods returned
10. With members module, system is capable of issuing membership points for every purchase made.
11. Track counter balances by every cashier
12. Produces sales reports by cashiers or by outlets
13. Can enable or disable discounts at cashiers counter. When the safety control is enabled for the discount module, the system will prompt for supervisor’s password for activation.
14. For stock items with serial number tracking, cashier can enter serial numbers when issuing bills
15. Warranty status can be tracked based on serial numbers of the product
16. Issue Job Order for service requests or warranty claims on items sent in by customers
17. Warranty status can be easily tracked online by customers
18. For product warranties which are covered by suppliers, the system will match and retrieve the right records before proceeding to issue a Delivery Order to send the product back to the supplier for warranty claims.

MyBizPos Features

1. Payment Mode - Accepting payments by vouchers, cash and credit card transactions.

2. Multiple Hardware support - MyBizPos is highly flexible and compatible to with different brands of hardware. It also supports touch screen monitors that makes it highly Intuitive and simple to use, thereby reducing input time for each transaction.

3. Multiple Stations Connectivity - The system can be connected seamlessly to multiple computers or workstation.

4. Membership Discounts – Assign special discounted pricing exclusively for members.

5. Price Overriding - Supervisor has the authority to override pricing by keying in a valid pass key.

6. Easy Product Lookup – Easy inventory item lookup by Barcode, Product Name, Brand and Product code. This time saving feature comes in handy for the administrator.

7. Contact Manager - The in-built contact manager allows the administrator to contact and reach out to their customers easily, anytime.

8. Credit Limit - The system allows the administrator to set desired credit limits for each customer to stay in control credit lines all the time.

9. Inventory - Managing and tracking inventory is simple with the “stock card” that allows effective tracking. Stock reports can be exported to in MS Excel format based on inventory categories.

10. SMS Integration – SMS system is built-in seamlessly to the system that allows the administrator to receive sales notifications on the mobile devices while on the go. It also provides flexibility that allows the administrator to check on warranty status by SMS.

11. Discounts - Attract more sales by extending discounts to both new and returning customers.

12. Tax (GST) - The system is fully GST compliant.

13. Warranty Management – Efficiently keeping track of product warranties under a single dashboard.  The Administrator can quickly get the warranty status information on every product (pending/claim/completed/closed) with just a few mouse-clicks.

14. Invoicing –Create & administer invoices and much more with the Invoicing module.

15. Quick Start Wizards - To help users go through the setup process and get started quickly. Users will also be guided on how to create new personnel files for different job titles or categories such as supervisor, cashier and others.

16. Debt management – This simple yet useful module includes listing of outstanding debtors/credit cards/vouchers. (applicable for INVOICING module only)