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Add-on Premium MyBizCart Corporate Module

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Add-on Premium MyBizCart Corporate Module

Free SMS account with 1000 SMS credit

Price   RM 0.00  

Add-on Premium MyBizCart Corporate Module

Free SMS account with 1000 SMS credit

PriceRM 0.00 

One time setup cost  RM1800.00

  1. Charges apply for first year only for one job, not a recurring charges
  2. Inclusive of first time site setup and ready to start running
  3. Inclusive of first time 50 products uploaded, client need to provide products images and products descriptions
  4. Free SMS account with 1000 SMS credit
  5. Supports SMS alerts for orders received
  6. Package inclusive of comprehensive training conducted at First Onlineā€™s training room

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If you are looking for a tool that is economical, powerful enough to handle all the levels and options you want to offer in an eCommerce Shopping cart, then you're looking for MyBizCart eCommerce Shopping Cart.

There are no hidden fees. This is a complete ecommerce package with everything you need to sell.

In simple explanation, you can use MyBizCart to build a professional web store, online product catalog, dealership website, business-to-business website, and more. It helps small to medium businesses manage their entire eCommerce business through an easy to use control panel & at the same time maximizing their success. MyBizCart can be used to sell directly to consumers or to other businesses and it is capable of differentiate between customer types and automatically issue prices based on customer type.

Give your small business the attention it deserves. Make the switch to MyBizCart, and start selling more today.

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What is the program about ?

In a nutshell, it is a program by MDEC that offers you financial incentive of RM1500 by jumping on the cloud computing bandwagon.

SME Cloud Computing Adoption Program is an initiative by Multimedia Development Corporation Sdn Bhd (MDEC) to accelerate the adoption and extend the full benefits of cloud computing to elevate the competitiveness and efficiencies of local businesses.

How do I take advantage of this program?

1. Subscribe to selected software from the approved MSC companies
2. Claim the reimbursement from MSC Malaysia up to RM1500

Introducing, MyBizCart Cloud - a Multi-functional e-Commerce Solution with professional shopping cart software and integrated payment gateway interface. You can start selling online in no time. With the financial incentive, you can get access to MyBizCart literally FREE!

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