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Add-on eHotel Early Bird module

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Add-on eHotel Early Bird module

Price   RM 200.00  

Add-on eHotel Early Bird module

PriceRM 200.00 

Monthly RM20.00
Yearly RM200.00
  1. Not stand alone module, Only work with First Online eHotel Software
  2. Allow special pricing for early bird booking
  3. Admin can set number of room for the special pricing, once the room sold out the pricing will be back to normal pricing

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Stay in the forefront and gain unfair advantage from the multi-million travel industry
One of the winning formula to catapult and bring your sales to the next level is having a reliable platform. A good solid system in place is essential to reach out globally and streamline your backend processes. First Online eHotel offering online management and reservation solutions for small to mid-size of hotel, motel, resort, inn & guest house.

With the rapid growth in the travel industry and the boom in the internet, people all over the world have switched to the internet for all their transactions and services including making hotel or motel room reservations. Thus, all hotels, motels and other ac mmodation providers must embrace e-commerce and web technology or lose out to the competition!
Switch to First Online eHotel now & stand out from your online competitors!
1 QuickBOOKING Benefit
Increase your direct bookings with the simplest, most reliable booking technology available. Our eHotel smooth few click booking process will increase conversion rates.
2 InstantPAY Benefit
You will receive more confirmed reservations & close your website sales immediately, without delay.
3 InstantCONFIRM Benefit
Your guests will receive instant confirmation of their reservation, without having to wait for you to answer their email request. This stops guests from shopping around for other accommodation.
4 EarlyBirdBOOKING Benefit
This function is specially created to encourage client to secure their booking early and thus enjoy better rates. In return, it helps Hotel management to boost sales & do better occupancy forecast.

Our eHotel system enable you to take control of your room rates, improve profitability and break your dependence on third-party hotel reservation system with our highly effective eHotel software.

Online Reservation & Payment

Allow guest to check up-to-date availability of rooms, get a definite price for their stay and make bookings directly with you through a safe and secure link on your existing website.

Built-in eMarketing Tools

Practically all business stability and growth depend a great deal on repeat business. First Online's eHotel email marketing tools help in direct communication with guests and encourages repeat business with pre-stay, post-stay, promotion materials and targeted marketing campaigns. In addition, the inbuilt member's loyalty points system will encourage customer loyalty by rewarding guests for repeat business.

First Online Bullet No additional software or scripts needed to get your Internet reservation system up and running.
First Online Bullet Reservations by credit card or paypal. Booking details are recorded on the server and emailed direct to you with a copy to the guest, and a copy to the hotel owner.
First Online Bullet View reports and sales analysis figures using a web browser or download data into a spreadsheet.
First Online Bullet View guests due to check in between specified dates, guest contact information and inventory reports
First Online Bullet Easily add reservation taken from telephone call & etc, so availability is always up to date.
First Online Bullet Update room availability, prices, seasons and other information over the Internet.
First Online Bullet Room rates based on seasonal, early bird low price concept.
First Online Bullet Cash rebate & eWallet function
First Online Bullet Specify minimum & maximum number of occupants per room;
First Online Bullet Auto calculate service & sales tax.
First Online Bullet Take a deposit at the time of booking or during check-in.
*some features may available at selected version only
This system can perform essential management tasks quickly and easily with minimal training. A lot of features are self-explanatory.


What is First Online eHotel?

First Online eHotel (eHotel) is an innovative, powerful yet cost-effective web-based Hotel Front Desk Management Software with an integrated online booking system, and CMS Hotel website. This is a  complete solution that truly merges the sales and operational side of a hotel into a single easy-to-use system.

What is a web-based solution?

Web-based means the software is accessed over the internet and all you need to use it is any computer with a browser (e.g. Internet explorer, Firefox etc.). This means there are no servers, databases or complex applications to install at your end. All will be taken care of by the solutions provider. This saves you money, time and headaches. In addition to that, software updates will be done in the central server so that you can rest assured your software is always up-to-date.

Why would hotels want direct bookings?

Statistics and trends have shown online shopping is on the rise. The same happen to travel and hotel industry whereby people prefer to make booking directly on official hotel websites, bypassing travel portals, although they still logon to travel portal merely for price comparisons.

When a guest books directly on the hotel’s website, the hotel stands to earn more money and gains guest's loyalty. The more bookings done through the official hotel website, the better the return on the investment the hotel made.

How long does it take to start using eHotel?

A hotel can be empowered by eHotel software on its official hotel website within 10 business days from the date of confirmation order, provided that the hotel has furnished with all the information requested on-time. For hotel operators who have yet applied for any payment gateway merchant in order to accept online payment, we will provide necessary assistance. However,  the final approval decision is subject to bank / payment gateway provider.

How does a hotel know if a guest has made a reservation?

Every time a reservation is made, modified, or cancelled, the backend of the hotel reservation system will automatically generates an email notification to hotel admin (or those in-charged in online booking).  In addition to the email notification, the backend system logs all the reservations, including guest's personal details and the room reservation details.

Can guests modify or cancel his/her reservation?

Yes. A guest can cancel their reservations within the limits of the hotel’s Cancellation and No-Show policies online. It is as easy as login into Guest Panel and clicks the cancel button.

A guest can also make modifications (changes in her/his reservation, including length of stay, dates, number of rooms, and room types) by contacting admin, but subject to rooms availability, and within the limits of the hotel’s Cancellation and No-Show policies.

Can guests get cheaper rate if they book early (Early Bird)?

Yes, if the admin enable this function, guest will get cheaper rate if they make their booking early or any dates within pre-defined configuration.
**This function is available in Premium version, or you can upgrade from Starter/ Standard version.

Why some hotel software is very cheap?

Take a closer look at eHotel. It is not merely a hotel management system, but includes an integrated internet booking engine and CMS hotel website. So the question is not about the cost per se but rather the functionality that will benefit the hotel operators to increase business profits. Also do keep in mind that the level of automation of eHotel is capable of. Automating tasks as much as possible will reduce mistakes at the same time, it increases productivity. That will translate into huge savings in terms of times, money and labour costs.

Based on our recent survey in the current market, the all-in-one hotel software (with comparable to eHotel in terms of features and functionality) are at least triple if not more expensive than eHotel.

Can I sell airport transfers or day tours in addition to the room?

Yes, eHotel Optional Extra (Add-on) feature allows a guest to book additional services after they have selected accommodation of choice. Operators can add practically any extra services like Extra Bed, Buffet Dinner, Karaoke and etc.

Does using eHotel online payment facility helps to increase hotel revenue?

Surveys show that when a guest pays a full payment on a reservation, the incidence of no-shows drops to almost next to zero (0%) & therefore, lessens the risk for the Hotel.

That is practically taken care of by eHotel. In addition to that, eHotel software allows admin to charge a guest on cancellation and no-show penalties in accordance with the hotel’s cancellation and no-show policies.

No other reservation system that we have researched so far offers this feature which is important to  minimizes the reservation risk to the hotel operators.